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What Is In a Tear

just a single drop you see
fallen from the heart of me
but in this liquid drip of soul
are my emotions in a whole

it falls from truth and verity
it falls from loves own clarity
it falls from hope's sincerity
it falls from soul deep rarity

it slowly trails across my cheek
control of sorrow I do seek
but fail so perfectly and well
'tis not yet time to sadness quell

it falls for distance and for time
it falls for one more heartfelt rhyme
it falls for heights I cannot climb
it falls for love of ours sublime

a drop of life of mine from deep
of heart so full, no more 'twould keep
and so this tear it had to be
shed from deep inside of me

it falls for stolen months and days
it falls for nights of lonely grays
it falls for pain in many ways
it falls for hope still firm ablaze

Anne Nederlof


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