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Draw Me

My love you,

Taunt me with desires, so great
Start in me these fires, can't wait
An urgency and need, to feel
From you I want to feed, and steal
Your every breath I want, to hear
You tease and then you taunt, so near
Release so far away, you hold
Until in march a day, dawns gold

Then will you...

Sear me with your flames, of love
Brand me with your claims, all of
The minutes and the days, gone by
Take them in a blaze, so high
The heat will melt the pain, all gone
And memories will wane, with dawn
Burn my body, heart, and soul
Draw me from the start, all whole

Please can you...

Draw me white for you, to see
With lines so clear and true, just me
No other artist's name, to know
No colours made of shame, or woe
The first and only stroke, of brush
A line in me you woke, a blush
A canvas clean and pure, no flaw
Forever only yours, to draw

Anne Nederlof


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