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Time walks past
Like a teacher down the hall
Siren rings out
A wild bird's call
Students run from books with looks
Heavy without laughter
Paper ball thrown from the back of class
Will be dealt with after

The patrol over the minds continues
Students will get it right
Nothing is ever said
Of the third Reich
Books will not burn
Until after graduation
When the sack of authority
Drags you under with saturation

Birds outside the window
Bring about the distraction
Students rights are squandered
They are left without any action
Silent protests
In the back corner of a classroom
Are silenced by the teacher
Can not end too soon

Ideas of independence
Burn out by a bucket of water
Sport class too
Ends with a shower
Intimidation cuts the air
And it is hard to breathe
Hardly getting through the class
Without a tug upon the sleeve

Silence rules the world
And slowly infects the mind
Behind the walls of authority
The truth lies behind
Study time hits you hard
Like running into a wall
Examiner strolls down
Like time down the hall

Dylan Hewson


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