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I was on an island
One of two in the world
I was alone on mine
And everyone else stood on the opposite shore.
I hated the people on the other side for their happiness.
Why was I the only one alone?
A voice told me to swim for it
But a stronger voice said the water was too cold.
Ignoring it, in a moment of wondrous insanity,
I dove into the sea.
Swimming in the cold water, I knew I had made a mistake.
The other island was surely too small
Its inhabitants would turn me away.
But as I got closer, I saw I was wrong.
The distance had fooled me; they weren't all together.
Everyone was on their own little island, scared to swim.
I paddled up to one
Its occupant looked down at me dubiously.
Embarrassed, I turned away, but she stopped me
She extended her hand, and helped me out of the water
We both smiled, and suddenly the world was large and new and beautiful.

Mike Herring


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