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The Sea

Can you hear the waves outside?
Hear them lapping on the hull?
Do you feel the gentle tug
as the ship strains at the chain?
Have you known the little moments
that come from on the sea
when time is running out to sail?
When soon you know the anchor chain
will rattle in the hawspipe
and the boats'n shrill commands
to all the hands.
Can you hear their feet a'scurrying
up the ratlines to the spars,
and the flapping as the buxom sails unfurl?
Does you mind go wandering
to the places far away
where mysteries lie forever waiting there?
And the sirens on the rocks
plead with songs into your ears
just to have you come and stay a while.
Do you know what true love is
for a mistress so divine;
so tantalizing and sincere?
Of one whose beauty goes
far beyond compare
with anything else in all the world?
Then come away with me
and we will follow all the tides
and forever sail upon the lovely sea.

Davey Lee George


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