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On the Road

Say mister, could you come over for a minute? And if you could spare that crust
my pal could use it, that's for sure, 'cause he hasn't had anything but dust
to eat for several days, now that we're "on the road," as they say.
Me? I'm a lot smaller than him so I can get by for another day.
Well, if you insist, I don't mind maybe a taste, just a little for me, though,
'cause my friend is much bigger and needs to keep strong so
he can watch out for us as we walk along to where we're going.
(I just hope the drivers of all those cars know what they're doing.)
You say we shouldn't be here on this busy road, and you wonder why
we aren't home where we belong with our master nearby?
I'm glad you asked me that, I really am, 'cause it's kind of strange
how we got here, almost as if it had been arranged.
Now that I think of it, maybe it was a set-up to dump us here.
Yes indeed, now that I recollect it does seem mighty queer.
I guess that's what he meant when he told us we'd be just fine,
that he was leaving town for a new job and must leave us behind.
I was surprised 'cause that's the first car ride we ever had,
and although it was so unusual, we were both very glad.
Yes, we thought he was just being nice, giving us a ride,
but I had no idea it would end with us on the roadside.
I suppose he knew what was best for us, (he said he did),
and he said not to worry, just because he had to get rid
of us didn't mean there weren't others who would be glad
to take us in. But you know, still, it seems very sad
that he will have to live now without our love and help,
although I must admit it's him that's great. (I'm just a whelp.)
Still, I'm the loving kind and have enough of it in me
to spread over the whole world, much less a family.
But the real prize between us two is him, the big one,
for he is strong, and guarding's what he's always done.
Yes, he's a champ, and that's for sure; in fact, that's his name,
while I'm just a mutt. When abilities were passed out I came
in last it seems, but he looks out for me, and I hope he always will.
What'd you say, we can come home with you? Your name's Bill?
And you need a good strong dog, and a shaggy little mutt, as well?
Say, mister, that's kind of you, and you know what, it's gonna be swell!

Davey Lee George


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