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Clean Up Your Room!

Away out in space, across the broad milky way,
in the realm of 'I wonder' dwell things that 'they say'
are goblins and ghosties and other weird things,
that have great shining tuskies and huge spreading wings.
There are creatures with horns and critters with eyes
that flash and revolve with sudden surprise.
And some have long noses with great shiny lights
that sparkle and twinkle and brighten the night.
There are buggers that screech and bongers that roar,
and things that appear to race back and forth,
though they never seem to get anywhere,
as they scream and disturb the mystical air.
And lest we forget there are mind bogglers too,
that wait in the corners for children like you.
Their main concentration is to catch you alone,
or even much worse, while you talk on the phone.
It is their pleasure to hear every word,
and tell everybody all the things they have heard.
And then you may find, if you go to this place,
the sly symaboppers that haven't a face.
Instead, for example, on the fronts of their heads,
are pictures of vampires, both living and dead.
I know what I say is the 'gosipal' truth
for I heard all of this from your darling Aunt Ruth.
So I suggest to you strongly, and as quick as you can,
that you clean up your room, so spick and so span,
that those things that are lurking away out in space
can't get at you here and find this disgrace.

Davey Lee George


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