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The Negligent Captain

I see tomorrow across the way, beyond the coming night,
And feel the horror closing in with all consuming fright.
I know the ways of dreams gone bad, of nightmares on the wing,
And dread the thoughts that come to me, these dark and brooding things.
The evil memories I hold in mind and heart and soul,
Bear evidence that bodes me ill and turn my entrails cold.
The wrenching grip of bygone faults squeeze tight my throbbing head,
And tighter still the efforts left I should have made instead,
When opportunity, the knight, that rode the charging steed
Offered then to me the chance to be the hero of the deed.
But lo, I languished at the games of drink and dice and wench,
As on the field my harried men were besieged by numbers such
That soon they lay in grotesque clutch of death and mutilation,
From cannon shell and bayonet and lack of approbation.
Then as the smoke of battle waned and the evidence appeared,
My Colonel stripped away my bars as the few still living jeered,
And broke my sword, my father's sword, that he had worn so well,
Then cast me down to wallow sore in everlasting hell.
I see tomorrow across the way,
Beyond the coming night..........

Davey Lee George


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