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Battle At Sea

The view I see while standing here upon this rolling deck
reminds me of the yesteryears gone now in memories.
I'm brought to bear upon the time when as a boy I stood,
and felt the grapeshot striking, and heard the wounded plea.
My mind goes back to list as well to the thunder of the guns
that roared into the silence of the dark and clouded night.
I shudder still to think about the mortal hell I knew
as ship passed ship, and raked as well, with all their horrid might.
In fear still felt within my heart I contemplate the loss
of friend and foe alike as the fight went on and on.
Then as the battle wound at last unto the morning glow,
a sickening sight I came to see as the day began to yawn.
The ships had limped away at last, away from battle's test,
and as I gazed in horror on the agonizing scene,
I could see the dead and dying as they shared a common ground
among the ragged sailcloth and the torn and ruptured beams.
Then I knew my boyhood times were forever done and gone
for I could hear them crying to their mothers and their God
as I aged a hundred years in that awful, screaming dawn.

Davey Lee George


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