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As I sit at the kitchen table
I am alone with my thoughts
Like fair-weather friends at first
They are not threatening at all

But shadows creep up
And lurk at the edges of my mind
Drooling, snarling and gnashing their teeth
The shadows are eager to devour me

Closer, closer they are encroaching on my sanity
I struggle to recall sweeter thoughts
But the shadows defeat me
Darkness closes in, I cannot out-run them

My soul cries out in terror
Desperate to escape
My heart thrashes, a wild thing
Trapped in an ivory cage Then I am lost in a howling black void
I am consumed by a darkness
No mortal light can pierce
Overwhelmed by the abyss that is my soul

I genuflect in agony
Calling upon my savior
He kneels beside me, takes my hand
And leads me into the light

Lisa C. Fry


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