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Earth wind calls eagles
through the heavens
they come soaring star-eyed
the dusk-blue sky
the mystic winds
white sun lacing through feathers
and the moon clouds cold high and damp
kissing raptors' tongues
while the breeze whips
through famished claws

The earth sky is beautiful
but I don't buy the hype
      because eagles are only seagulls
      who mock seeing me
always keeping to themselves
cowardly circling
so far from above

They call -- they cajole
but I stand my ground
remaining land-bound
and the sky is taken aback

Breathing scents of bog and dew
feeling moist earth beneath my feet
solidly planted
the power blossoms upon my lips
enough to stand my ground
and remain
So I raise my arms
I shake my fist
I speak the words
      I dare the sky

But the sun -- the seagulls
the echoes of stars the moon the planets
all dance away laughing

Donna Fox


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