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Springtime For Emily D.

Birds of scarlet wing
      Counter ravens' dark impasse.
The frigid Lord of winter tamed by
      Springtime's gentle blast:
Her sun of bright contentment cheers
      All sodden earthen mass
And snows turned murky dismal melt
      In green rains come at last...
Now a whispy reawakening
      Cleans the slate of winter past.

The lengthening days so differ
      To long nights in frost forlorn.
As dormice softly stirring
      Contrast houseflies' pesky scorn;
When creatures small, and humans all
      Shed heavy coats for lightly-worn,
The blushing bluebells once again
      Claim brown grass winter torn...
For spring, with her arrival, brings
      A call to life reborn.

Donna Fox


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