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Silly Things To Do With String

I have tied my shoes together
and then wondered why I could not move

wrapped floss around my heart so tight
that no love could get in

forgot I tied string around my finger
or even what the string was for

I have knitted rainbows in skies
without stars or hope to swing on

then in a moment of weak rage snipped
the rainbow into a thousand brilliant pieces.

I bind my stomach up in twisted knots
over things I could do nothing about

And cried when the pressure was too
tightly wound with fear to let go.

I find myself dangling by my last inch
of thread so many times I have lost count.

I tied-dyed my youth in colors of bold statements
and wishful yearnings of tomorrows

And polished the car with its used up rags
long after I middle aged it

And when the line drew tight in the water
I was sure I had snagged the BIG ONE

only to reel in someone else's old shoe that
I treated like new before throwing it back

Bound and gagged by my own hands
I sit in my self-righteous puddle, muddled

waiting to have my sacrifice noticed,
then no one ever did.

I have been a Christmas present
wrapped in nothing but a big red bow

Only to be twined like old newspapers in
February and set out for the trash

I have followed a line of thought only
to be left with a question mark ?

I have been tongue tied and hog tied and tied
at the hip with one I should have never known

I have even tied the knot
though never think I could do it again.

But now I am unraveling at both ends with out
a Boy Scout who wants to earn a merit badge
in knot tying.

Renee Delosier


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