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The sapphire-sprinkled lake of wine lies tranquil in the dusk
And somewhere meets the colonnade of somber mounts aloof
The purple evening monochrome behind their rocky tusks
Speaks more of quiet canopy than vaulting cosmic roof
For reverence and quietude each passing moment bids
In silence to her chambers now the weary sun does tread
But dimming rays, subdued in winning through her rainbow lids
Spread golden creams and aquas all above her downy bed

Diffusing mists veil all, but to translate, not to obscure
Abstracting hues and images to silken soulful moods
And close above a single star beams crystal light and pure
Assuring me God smiles upon His son who sits and broods
Beauty indeed, but lacking yet that harmony of mind
A kindred hushed romantic who might share this dreamy scape
Much speaking in her silence, able also to divine
And read the amber passions 'neath my countenance's drape

A white resplendent swan glides smooth in shallows by a rock
And darts its sure neck forth to catch a pale, elusive sprite
An angler's ebon form is fixed above the murky dock
He tries his hopeful cord in waters far beyond his sight
A form of kinship manifests itself toward these two
The want of objects coveted familiar to my heart
Of dear affection vacant still--a poverty to rue!
I join my searching fellows in the promise of their art

How far cast I! how thin my line! how feeble sits my faith!
My hook is blunt; the nymph slips off; I fumble with the reel
This line will nothing master save an insubstantial wraith
Should heart's companion come, 'twill be but of her own free will
Thy will be done, then, God and who may chance to come my way
Resolved thus, I resign from trying this enchanted pool
Content with present blessing, looking forward to the day
When love rewards the man who would not play the bitter fool

David DeBoe


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