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I have listened
to the music
of the sky and the sea --

I have heard
the beautiful harmony
and the perfect chord --

But I also hear
a note of terror --
a hint of unhappiness --
a tremor of uncertainty --

These things only excite me more,
Enhance the chord
and draw me in --
Pull me down into the waves
where sky stands no chance
of avoiding temptation.

I have been tempted.

The tears wait for my return,
but I will not come back --

I see her laugh,
Smile, and
Forget --

But this time she forgets
about him
and remembers me.

She has seen my gaze,
recognized it,
and accepted it.

The breeze blows gently
over the sea --
The waves rise and laugh
and the sky smiles --

Peace, at last,
has been found --
Happiness attained,
perfection reached --

No more must the
sky wail
or the ocean cry --

They have found each other at last,
and are happy.

Stronger now,
they can face the new dangers --
the obstacles they know
will block their way --

But the world will shake
and the sea will rise
a million times
before they will leave each other.

We listen to the music
of our fears
and of our hopes --

We know it will be hard,
but we will overcome --
no princess to protect, this time,
only our love --
but just as important the mission --
we will fight to the death --

Someday our fight will end,
Our fears will cease --
the sky will be content
and the ocean will rest --

the world will no longer shake
and the sea no longer rise --

The perfect love is discovered --
The moonlight protects it
as the waves enfold us
and we sleep --
dreaming in our perfect love
of our perfect peace.

Amber R. Day


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