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An Itch

Have you ever gotten an itch?
Of course you have, we all do
But have you ever gotten one
Inside of your shoe?

On the top of your foot
Or worse -- on the bridge?
Because the top is more flexible
But there is rubber on that ridge

Have you ever felt the urge
As your skin seems to seethe
To take off your shoe
And have some relief?

Why does that happen
When you know quite well
That taking off your shoe
Will make others complain of the smell

Even if your feet aren't smelly
It's considered impolite
To take off your shoe
In plain sight

So you bang your foot against the leg of a chair
Or try to rub it with your other shoe
Or try to reach it discreetly with your pen
At least, that's what I do

But sometimes an itch just can't be reached
Unless you remove the enclosure
You have to decide whether or not
You'll allow it that exposure

Now you're probably thinking
Whether or not you would,
Well let me just tell you
It feels really good

Anna Crisologo


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