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Dark Angel

for Gabriel

He stood there in the shadows and waited for me
I waited for him to come and he answered
I needed his love and he gave of himself
I see him in my dreams this Dark Angel
Hair like the raven, eyes that speak in mystery and fire
He whispers to me his deepest secret desire

This Dark Angel steps from the shadows
Into the light, his face care worn of love's widow
He looks down upon me and His gentle breath
Envelopes me in His sweet caress of longing
To be loved and vanquish the silence of lost pain
Only to escape into the delight of his touch like summer rain

My Dark Angel has gone into the shadows once more
For He only lives for now only in a dream
Waiting and longing for the seed to be sown
From the seed that blossoms into Love's abode
In His Heart he bears eternal hope of undying will
And the Faith he carries inside him that death can't kill

Teresa Carr


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