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If I Were Like a Summer Storm

If I were like a summer storm
And had no legs nor eyes nor mouth
But only clouds and hot thick air
I would rush through the sky and go to where you are
I would rain and crash thunder and throw lightning all around you
I would let the rain die down and have a chilling wet wind blow through you
I would make the coldness and dampness seep into your home and into your bones
I would not ever go away.

If I were like a vivid dream
And had no shape nor weight nor form
But only colored thoughts and relentless suggestions
I would make you see and feel the terror of a murdered man's last breath
I would make you shake and sweat and cough and cry
I would steal away all your sleep and fill the space with frightening looks from monsters all around
I would poke at you with icy images and drown you in a warm deep inescapable lake of fear
I would haunt you every night.

If I were like this poem
And had no more to me than these few lines
But all the same had form and voice and direction
I would make each line sting more and more
I would make every word tear a bigger piece of you away
I would have every image and every sound come real to you and make you want to throw me down
I would make myself so heavy with message and meaning that you could never forget me
I would burn in your mind for all of your life.



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