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Two hearts unite in faithful dreams of life's eternal bliss,
Two thoughts soon turn to parenthood with every gentle kiss,
Two lovers take each other's hand, they know the time is right,
Two passions melt an empty world, two lives are made that night.

Two beds are bought, two bassinets, a double sided car seat,
Two dozen diapers, two pacifiers, two cribs from Uncle Pete,
Two feeding times, two hours sleep are shared by Mom and Dad,
Two parents dream of good times past...the freedom they once had.

Two a.m. trips to Wally World, four dozen diapers more,
Two months, no sleep, they rock and pace, a hole wears in the floor,
Two babies cry, two bottles warm, don't dent their haunting wail,
Two parents dream of fonder times, like spending the night in jail.

Two colds, two flus, two diarrheas, each more intense and greater,
Two doctor bills, two empty pockets, two million diapers later,
Two spouses quickly blame the other for casting this wicked spell,
Two tempers fly, they each ask why, they live in...Baby Hell!

But times do pass, and kids grow up, and soon they learn to walk,
They toddle and fall, and get back up, and do their best to talk,
And the day will come when all things bad disappear just like they do,
When those angels crawl up in your lap and say...Mommy, I love you.

Mike Banning


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