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Way Out West (1937)



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Arguable Laurel and Hardy's best feature film, Way Out West, which puts the boys in a tangle of Old West cliches, never misses a beat. The comedy of Laurel and Hardy is underappreciated today -- slapstick is done so much and so often and considered low-brow that the refinement and creativity of their comedy is often missed. One of the many secrets of their comedy is that they created such lovable poignant characters and never compromised them for a laugh. Rather, the comedy came from the boys naturally being themselves. Well, that and pervasive ironic turns of fate.

In Way Out West, there are gold mines and saloons and prospectors and villains. All these pieces hold up solidly, giving Laurel and Hardy ample room to work. The highlight is a both beautiful and comic rendition of On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine, which is simply perfect.