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Two Much (1996)



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Antonio Banderas inadvertently gets engaged to Melanie Griffith and tries to worm his way out -- but in the process, he falls in love with her sister, Daryl Hannah. To resolve his troubles, he invents a twin brother. This movie's laughs come from watching Banderas juggle his dual identities; sadly, there's little else Two Much has to offer. Griffith is underutilized and her character uninteresting. Joan Cusack, as Banderas' secretary, turns in a performance that's simultaneously brilliant and overdone. Finally, the gangster subplot doesn't make a whole lot of sense. A better director might have been able to make a marvelous comedic gem out of this, but as it is, too many scenes drag on too long or fall flat or both. It's worth seeing for Banderas' humorous quick-thinking and Hannah's charming mystique, though, and should be an enjoyable enough diversion.