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The Wrong Man (1993)



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No, it's not lousy remake of Alfred Hitchcock's great 1956 film of the same name. It's a lousy original creation.

The movie starts in a Hitchcockian fashion, though somewhat contrived. An innocent man walks into a bar and finds himself mistaken for a murderer. To escape, he takes a ride with two inexhaustible weirdos (I can't decide if their extreme eccentricity is a good thing served so heavily that it's bad, or so much of a bad thing that it's good), and the movie spirals downward from there into a pointless character excursion: pointless, because it takes an incredibly long time to define just how messed up these people are, and unaffecting, because we couldn't care less. The conclusion is supposed to trigger some measure of suspense, but as all possible outcomes would have been equally unsatisfying to me, it didn't.