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The Solid Gold Cadillac (1956)



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The Solid Gold Cadillac is one of those movies whose accomplishments are so basic that they are too often overlooked. The primary virtues of this movie are that it is always funny and always likeable. Frequently, it is quite clever with its dialogue. That's it. The plot is nothing new: a woman who is ditzy but admirably honorable and proactive attends a stockholder's meeting for a big corporation and winds up turning it upside down and winning a battle for justice simply by being herself.

But wow is this funny! It's almost impossible not to adore Judy Holliday, putting a more comic spin on the role that won her an Academy Award in Born Yesterday, and Paul Douglas, playing one of the few honest men involved with the corporation, is brilliant, too. The two make a wonderful comic team, Douglas being experienced and pragmatic, and Holliday inexperienced and woefully impractical but every bit as kind. It's also fun watching the corporate big shots outsmart themselves, being most of the impetus for their own downfall.