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The Seven Deadly Sins (1962)



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This French New Wave film is a compilation of seven 15-minute short films, each directed by a different director. Each film focuses on a different one of the seven deadly sins, although the way that each handles its assigned sin varies wildly. The first, Anger, is an exercise in comic escalating absurdity, while the others are more down to earth. Some of them explore the sin as a modern fable with a moral, while others use them simply as punchlines. The weak link is Jacques Demy's treatise on lechery, because it doesn't seem to go anywhere or have anything to say. Jean-Luc Godard's segment on sloth is better, though unfocused at times. The strongest segment is the last one, a wickedly whimsical short by Claude Chabrol, which doesn't appear to be about greed at all until the perfect final moment.