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The Remarkable Andrew (1942)



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Even in the confines of this comic fantasy's own rules, the story of The Remarkable Andrew is, shall we say, unlikely. It's about a young man played by a young William Holden whose honesty winds him up in trouble with corrupt political officials. To his rescue is none other than the ghost of Andrew Jackson. Apparently Holden's great great grandfather saved Jackson's life, so now he helps his descendants out of trouble. So far so good. Just don't ask me why any of the other ghosts that later offer their aid show up. Apparently there isn't a whole lot to do in the Great Beyond.

But forget it. The movie is a lot of fun thanks to the strong performances and entertaining moments of humor. Holden and Brian Donlevy (who plays Jackson) effortlessly drew me into the story right off the bat. Taken in the spirit in which it was intended -- escapist entertainment -- it's amply fits the bill.