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The Prince of Egypt (1998)



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The biblical account of the life of Moses has never been dramatized so vividly and powerfully as in this DreamWorks animated film. The Prince of Egypt is accurate to the biblical record save for a couple of minor details (for example, when Moses kills the Egyptian, he thinks no one saw him, then runs away when he learns someone did). It studies what emotional issues, heartbreak, and ultimately fulfillment that Moses must have gone through that the biblical record, whose primary purpose is historical record rather than drama, understates.

Few films have moved me so much. The Prince of Egypt filled me with so many different emotions, most of which were some kind of awe. I was awestruck by the spectacular animation and simultaneously awestruck by the monumental impact of the story. The parting of the red sea was the most potent account of it that I have seen, and the accompanying animation left me open-mouthed with wonder. On a par with Disney's very best animated features, and better than most, The Prince of Egypt is a film I recommend very highly to both children and adults.