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The Lottery Bride (1930)



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The Lottery Bride is an entertaining but indistinctive entry in the long line of frivolous musical comedies starring Jeanette MacDonald, one of the first superstars of movie musicals. The plot is a trifle -- her boyfriend catches her in an innocent but suspicious situation with another man and heads for a frigid mining camp to forget her. They meet again, but under tragically ironic circumstances. We know they'll sort through all the intervening co-stars and fall in love all over again, of course -- it's just a question of how, and by what heart pouring musical solos.

I enjoyed The Lottery Bride, but mostly out of a sense of nostaglia for a bygone and dated era of filmmaking. It is doubtful many of today's audiences will be taken with it, and that's too bad. Fun movies -- even if they aren't great -- should have an audience.