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The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)



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As thoroughly, laughably improbable as this action flick is, there's something appealing about its premise. A woman wakes up one day and doesn't remember one single thing, not even her name. She establishes a normal life, and the years go by, but her amnesia persists. The film opens here, with hints here and there that her previous life may have been a little shady and will soon come back to haunt her. Unfortunately, The Long Kiss Goodnight's great premise is executed in the formulaic manner of modern American action flicks. There's lots of implausible heroics, bloody faces, explosions, and swearing, and a precious lack of intelligent material. This film is the second teaming of director Renny Harlin and actress Geena Davis (married in real life). For what it's worth, this is noticeably superior to their first, Cutthroat Island. Geena Davis' acting, in particular, has improved, but that's not so obvious with veteran actor Samuel L. Jackson in top form at her side throughout Long Kiss. The bottom line is that this movie is not bad, but it's hardly substantial, and fans of brainless action are the only ones likely to be entertained by it.