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The Heist (1996)

(aka: Hostile Force)



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This made-for-cable heist thriller drags so long in the beginning and features such grating characters, that the movie was doomed before the heist itself was even underway. Once that starts and the most irritating of the co-stars gets shot, though, things pick up a little. It's still not very good, but at least then it's mildly entertaining.

The star is an ex-cop who loses her boyfriend in action and blames herself for it. Perhaps by the end of the movie she'll placed in a similar situation, overcome her fears, and this time prevail? You better believe it.

The story of this movie, once the first half hour is over, is ok. There's no depth or substance, but it's a reasonably entertaining piece of escapism -- but it's mortally wounded by substandard acting, artificial staging, and some really bad dialogue, which includes one-liners that are not only corny but nonsensical.