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The General's Daughter (1999)



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This military murder mystery works well as a mystery. The acting is solid, and in the case of James Woods, fantastic. The movie's best scene, easily, is a scene in which John Travolta interrogates James Woods, whose character nimbly turns the tables on him. I've always liked James Woods, but this movie makes me want to actively seek out and watch all his others.

From a military standpoint, however, it's unfortunate that The General's Daughter does not understand more. The movie does not represent military culture accurately, then criticizes its corrupted vision. I'm not sure how strictly I should hold the movie to this personal reaction; still, the ending would have been so much more potent if I weren't by then doubting the solidity of its perspective.

I give the movie a marginal recommendation, citing the fine performances by the cast as what puts it over the top.