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The Baby-Sitters Club (1995)



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The intended audience of this film adaptation of Ann Martin's children's books is particularly narrow. It is doubtful anyone but a preteen girl will go for this, and that makes it difficult for me to review, as what I might have to say as a critic probably won't matter. Those in its target audience will probably like it, and those outside of it probably won't.

Thus, for purely academic purposes, my critical analysis of the film: it's a mildly fun, somewhat plodding, and certain uninspired retread of the formula of the Baby-Sitters' Club books. The girls get into predictable troubles with regard to their babysitting business, family life, and school work. It reeks of artifice, but what kid doesn't dream of running a tiny working world with other kids and get frustrated when real world influences threaten that island of self-sufficiency? I can't say I enjoyed the movie all that much, but I can see how I might if I were still a kid and of the opposite gender.