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Snow White: A Tale of Terror (1997)

(aka: The Grimm Brothers' Snow White)



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The first half or so of this horrific interpretation of the Snow White fairy tale is fantastic. The costumes, sets, and some stark imagery create a rich enticing Bavarian fairy tale atmosphere. Monica Keena plays Snow White, called Lilly in this film, and embodies the mythic character as accurately and thoroughly as one could hope for. Sam Neill as her father and Sigourney Weaver as her obsessed stepmother round out the fine cast. Most fascinating of all is the dark, serious interpretation of the story, which unfolds intelligently and realistically.

Around the midpoint, the film begins a downward spiral that ends in mediocrity. Instead of trusting in itself, it resorts to misplaced horror cliches: blood smeared all over stuff, spooky off-screen whispers, and so forth. The climax is disturbingly unfulfilling. Sigh.

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