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Run Lola Run (1998)



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How much different can the course of your life, and the lives of those around you, be changed, depending on the smallest of factors? If you run across a street, the course of events you set in motion may have a profound and irrevocable impact on your life; cross a half second later, and it may turn out completely different. Run, Lola, Run, an excellent German film, delves deeply into this interesting nature of time and the interactivity of our lives. That insight is what makes this more than a transposition of the Groundhog Day plot into another genre. I was reminded of Robert Altman's Short Cuts, a completely different kind of film except that it, too, studies the remarkable interactivity of our lives. The smallest of occurrences can have profound consequences, and we may never know the alternatives. In Run, Lola, Run, we do, and it is amazing to see. Bear with it through the bizarre first ten minutes or so; once you get this movie's groove, you'll have a hard time taking your eyes off the screen.