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Return To Me (2000)



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There is a lot to like around the edges in this romantic comedy. I liked, for example, the direction of the dialogue of the old men around their clutter of a poker table. In fact I liked those characters quite a bit, especially the grandfather of the heroine. These are people I'd love to hang out with, although perhaps in small doses. I also liked the scene in which the hero and heroine meet for the first time -- he's on a blind/double date, with a fruitcake of a woman, and she's waiting on them. I didn't care for Jim "Laugh at me being crude, har, har" Belushi, but what else is new?

The twist to this movie is that our heroine has received a heart transplant, and the heart came from our hero's late wife. It's an interesting premise, but here's where we come down to what makes or, in this case, breaks, the movie. I don't know what it's like to go through such an experience on either side -- I've never had a girlfriend with my wife's heart, nor have I ever had the heart of my boyfriend's late wife -- but I'm pretty sure the emotions involved are far more complicated than as they are portrayed here (which is as "generic distress" that causes the characters to trudge through stock romantic comedy character development paths) and yet, at the same time, more sensibly grounded.

Return To Me is essentially a generic romantic comedy with a gimmick, but that wouldn't have mattered if only the film could have gotten inside its characters' heads.