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Out To Sea (1997)



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Sometimes a comedy can be pleasantly entertaining, likeable, and fun without being particularly funny. Out To Sea is a film that would have flopped miserably with a lesser cast. But stars Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau are their usual ever-watchable selves (as brothers in law who sneak aboard and expensive cruise by posing as dance hosts), and they are surrounded by a stellar supporting cast.

Gloria DeHaven is the first co-star of note. This was her first film role in forty years, and her warm, dignified presence adds a classy element to the production. Dyan Cannon plays the other female lead. Brent Spiner steals his scenes as the militant snob dance director. Donald O'Connor is a cheery delight as one of the dance hosts, but in his case, sadly, he is woefully underused -- there's but one scene that spotlights his tap dancing, and it lasts mere moments. Other stars are sprinkled throughout the film, Edward Mulhare (in his last screen performance), Rue McClanahan, and Hal Linden among them.

One scene involving Matthau and McClanahan on the dance floor induced belly laughs, but no others. I did, however, smile bemusedly throughout, and I was surprised at how much it had endeared itself to me by the time it was over.