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Oscar (1991)



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Sylvester Stallone in a comedy? It's failed a number of times, but in Oscar, believe it or not, Stallone and his star-laden co-stars are hilarious. The film is based on a French play which was first filmed in 1967. It takes place in the 1930s, is about a gangster trying to go straight, and involves a romantic septagon (or's bigger than a triangle, anyway) and lookalike bags, among other things. I loved the sets and costumes, which recreate an idealized version of the 1930s gangster scene. But the humor is in the spotlight, of course, and this is a riotous screwball comedy -- made in an age where much of the art of screwball comedy is lost.

In a way, it still is. Although the movie is funny, the sensation that the material on screen should be funnier persisted. John Landis' direction is too plodding, and it drags down the film somewhat. It's funny but could have been more so, and it's irritating that it's so obvious how it could have been better.

Among the faces to watch for: Eddie Bracken, Don Ameche, Yvonne de Carlo, Kirk Douglas, Chazz Palminteri, and Tim Curry.

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