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Open Your Eyes (1997)



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Open Your Eyes (Abre los ojos in Spanish) is a riveting psychological thriller that takes us through layer after layer of reality, bewildering us at times but never losing us. Ultimately it provides us with an explanation for the seemingly inexplicable, but for the thoughtful viewer, answers are only the beginning. It takes two viewings and reflection afterward about the human psyche to really appreciate this film, although a one-shot viewer will certainly get his money's worth: those seeking the creepy, surreal, and surprising will certainly find it. There is a good deal of suspense, too, of the kind built on the psychology of the character rather than upon mechanical action scenes.

Director Alejandro Amenabar proves himself quite the visual stylist with this film, not to mention of writing and music as well -- he directed, wrote, and scored Open Your Eyes. The result is a vision of beautiful unity.

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