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Murder, My Sweet (1944)

(aka: Farewell, My Lovely)



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I was a little nervous about Dick Powell, a star traditionally associated with light comedies and musicals, playing the role of Raymond Chandler's hard-boiled detective Philip Marlowe in this film version of Farewell, My Lovely. But my fears were unnecessary. Powell does a superb job.

The movie is a lot of fun -- film noir at its finest. The story was familiar to me before I viewed the movie, yet it seemed as fresh and exciting as if I went in cold. Murky cinematography sets not only the mood but reflects the darkness of the plot afoot. Not all is as it seems, and you can't trust anyone.

On the whole, I prefer this version to 1975's Farewell, My Lovely, although Mitchum's performance in the remake is a hair superior. In Murder, My Sweet, the black and white cinematography adds a lot to the mood, and the storytelling is a little clearer. But both are greats in the noir/detective genre.

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