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Marty (1955)



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It is doubtful that a film like Marty would win the Best Picture Academy Award today, as it did in 1955. It's a small picture in almost every way: it has a small budget, a small running time, and small ambitions. It's pretty much just a love story, between two people who are plain and think themselves worse. But it's so heartfelt, and the characters so real, that it strikes chords deep down within us.

There is also a level of social significance at play here, which is undoubtedly what drew the Academy's notice. It explores happiness, and how elusive it is, and how futilely people try to seek it, as much for others as themselves, until someone is actually in danger of finding it. Seeking happiness is admirable enough, but actually finding it might upset everything.

But the movie doesn't make you think about any of that. It's there if you're looking for it; otherwise, it's a simple but heartfelt and downright beautiful love story. Either way, it's a success.