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Living Out Loud (1998)



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Living Out Loud is an insightful, intelligent character drama about a woman who can't seem to get over the insecurities and emotional distress associated with a recent divorce, in spite of how proficiently she buries those feelings from her conscious mind. It's also the story of a man who has dreams but not the energy or know how to make them happen. They each have a piece of what the other needs, but will one let the other allow an exchange of support to happen? This sounds like a sappy romance, I'm sure, but think again. This is not a conventional Hollywood movie, and it doesn't follow any established formula I know of. The emotions in this movie are genuine and complex. A lesser movie would boil the emotional involvement down to a melodramatic two-sided tension, but the characters and conflict in Living Out Loud are too personal and probing to be anything but unique. This brief synopsis doesn't do the work justice. Director Richard LaGravenese sets an appropriately leisurely pace, but the characters are so amiable and the dialogue so intelligent that the viewer is drawn in right from the start.