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Last Woman On Earth (1960)



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Sometimes a throwaway B-movie starts off with a good idea with great potential just long enough to stir some interest, then utterly blows it. That's certainly the case with Last Woman On Earth, a Roger Corman no-budget apocalyptic story about two men and one woman that survive a mysterious global catastrophe. The set-up has huge potential to explore the psychological stresses of the situation, and the movie seems to want to go there. But it just doesn't know how and winds up floundering around in some of the worst imaginable dialogue, finally winding down into predictable but inexplicable violent confrontation. There are so many problems here, it's not even worth talking about them. But I'd just love to know one thing. In a world where everybody's dead, and any material item you want is free, why do the characters bother about who gets the particular car they share, and the particular boat they once owned? Hey, the human race is over. The least you can do is treat yourself to a free transportation upgrade.