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Jerry Maguire (1996)



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Not a particular fan of Tom Cruise, though I admire his work when a strong director can channel his energy, I was not expecting to like Jerry Maguire as much as I did. At the same time, I don't think it lives up to its hype, which culminated in being the only Best Picture nominee from a big studio that year.

The story is an uplifting tale of a sports agent who seems to have it made. But then he loses everything and struggles to regain it, learning a thing or two about humanity in the process. It's a formula feel-good movie, and it works that's to the energy and charisma of its stars, notably Cuba Gooding, Jr., who won and Oscar for his effort and gave an acceptance speech every bit as enthusiastic as his character in this film.

Plotwise, however, it's a little top-heavy. By tackling with so many different issues, it doesn't cut as deeply as it might have. Consequently, the movie touches the line between goodness and greatness but does not cross it.