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In Search of the Castaways (1962)



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Disney's film version of Jules Verne's rousing adventure story Les Enfants du Captaine Grant is quite an exciting ride. The inimitable Maurice Chevalier stars with Hayley Mills and Wilfrid Hyde-White on this quest that spans much of the globe. Before the film begins, Chevalier finds a note in a bottle that says that one Captain Grant, presumed dead, is actually marooned somewhere. Chevalier finds Grant's two children, and together they try to enlist the aid of a ship, captain, and crew to help them find Grant. The most amazing part about the film is that it makes this preposterous premise work without contrivance. The two children wouldn't have any inhibitions about committing themselves to the improbable, after all, and Chevalier is pretty much a kid at heart anyway. Chevalier's charm carries much of the movie, and the spectacle of their adventure carries the rest.