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Funny Bones (1995)



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A rare genuinely original film. This long comedy-drama tells the stories of two families of vaudeville performers and how they cope with their past. Intertwined is an admittedly silly plot about eggs, dust, and youth. The first fifty minutes are bizarre, puzzling, and not particularly funny. Stick with it. Around the hour mark, things start to make sense -- in a surprisingly satisfying manner -- and get extremely funny. The film's humor is almost an aside to its story, yet it is far more uproariously hilarious than most films where comedy is the single most important goal. Of special note are the glimpses the audience gets of vaudeville routines which showcase extraordinarily talented performers with first rate material. After the first hour, if you aren't laughing, or silently intent on unraveling the mystery of the characters' pasts, then you're simply stunned by the momental talent on display.