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For Richer Or Poorer (1997)



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For Richer Or Poorer is more poor than rich, but it is a better comedy than it has any right to be. The premise is gimmicky, and "unlikely" would be an understatement. Basically, a jillionaire (Tim Allen) has been set up by one of his accounts, and the IRS are after him. He somehow falls in with his estranged wife, and the two of them hide out in Amish country.

At that point it becomes a generic fish out of water story. There are things I liked about the movie, though nothing I loved. There are a few good lines, and I enjoyed the way the characters warm up to the Amish way of life, even if this particular development is pretty much inevitable. But most of the film is dull, and a dumb twist at the end is illogically played out and undermines what has come before.