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Fierce Creatures (1997)



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Neither the sequel nor the equal of 1988's A Fish Called Wanda, which had the same cast as this film and was also authored by John Cleese. Yet Fierce Creatures has its share of hilarity. The plot involves the acquisition and renovation of a zoo by a billionaire. Cleese plays a Basil Fawlty type -- what he does best -- who decides the best way to increase revenues is to stock only fierce animals and ditch the rest. The film's funniest scene has him uncovering and (ineptly) foiling a plot by the zoo staff to convince him that several of the tame animals are, in fact, deadly. There are many other funny scenes, but what is unfortunate is that they don't fit together into a cohesive whole. There's little satisfaction, afterward, that we have seen a comedic gem, rather than a mere string of frenetic folly and slapstick. And Michael Palin is wasted as one of the zookeepers who can't keep his mouth shut. There's plenty of laughs, but sadly that's all Fierce Creatures has to offer.