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Fair Game (1995)



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There are two ways to look at this. One, this is a highly entertaining B cop flick with little brain engagement but lots of explosions, violence, chases, stunts, and narrow escapes. If seen late at night on a junky channel renowned for its screening of trashy crime dramas, this movie will come as a pleasant surprise.

Two, this is a tiresome, unbelievable, cliched action flick with two people running around, dodging death, executing stupid plot advancing contrivances and nothing the least bit convincing. Seen with expectations of a theatrical-grade action film, this movie will bowl you over with its gaping lapses in logic and gratuitous action.

The point I'm getting at here, is that Fair Game is a bad movie, but not a painful movie, which means that if it's viewed with little or no expectations, for no better reason than to waste time, preferably when one is mentally exhausted, this is a good choice. (Although if it gets down to that, I'd sooner recommend going outside and getting some fresh air!)