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Drive Me Crazy (1999)



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I like Melissa Joan Hart. She has a unique kind of comic exuberance and charisma that is both funny and endearing. It remains to be seen how broad her talent is; if she can carry a somewhat wider range of material than she's been able to demonstrate thus far, she has all the makings of a star. Unfortunately, Drive Me Crazy isn't going to get her anywhere. It's tough for television stars to make the transition into feature films, and generally they aren't given many chances. This film uses up one. Oddly enough, although it's about what every other high school flick seems to be about, the story is moderately interesting. It grew on me. What's missing are the moments along the way that make it worth taking the journey. There are no laughs here that result from the material. (And it doesn't help that the soundtrack ranks with the worst imaginable.) The cast is left on their own to entertain the audience solely by the force of their personalities. Hart does a fine job of that, but it doesn't mean the poor material is worth ingesting.