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Dark Passage (1947)



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What is often considered the weakest of the four films to pair screen legends Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall (I don't share that opinion) is still supremely satisfying entertainment. The first segment of the film, detailing Bogart's escape from jail, is shot from his perspective, making his plight particularly exciting by putting the viewer in his shoes; it's the audience escaping from jail, and our thought processes are precisely in sync with Bogart's...even though we're not really sure, yet, what kind of a character he is. Eventually, Bogart meets up with sultry, mysterious Bacall, and the crime thriller progresses from there. There are plenty of complications with which the characters have to contend, and the unpredictability of their actions makes for some pretty tense situations. Add some sparklingly sharp dialogue and outstanding performances and screen chemistry, and you've got a minor classic on your hands. I highly recommend this film for anyone; if you're fans of the stars, all the more reason to give this one a look.