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Con Air (1997)



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Producer Jerry Bruckheimer, in his first solo effort since the passing of his long-time partner Don Simpson, creates an explosive action film in the same vein as their The Rock from the previous year. Nicolas Cage reprises his country hick character from Raising Arizona (slightly out of place, but no matter) who is sent to prison when he kills a man in self-defense. Some years later, he gets out on parole and is put on a plane that also happens to be carrying every scumbucket death row inmate there is, who happen to have an escape plan in mind.

An over-the-top action movie like this must walk a fine line. It can't be too pretentious, nor can it be too ridiculous. Con Air is just self-mocking enough to end up somewhere in the middle, right where it should be. Not great cinema, but great fun just the same. Inmates John Malkovich and Steve Buscemi steal the show.